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5 Experts Demystify Post-Cloud Migration Challenges

Businesses must think about what comes after cloud migration and prepare for the challenges that arise once workloads are transferred.

Cloud migration is no simple feat. It involves intense planning, resources and cooperation to innovate and optimize successfully. 

But, no matter how much an organization plans ahead, there’s always a curveball.

Post Cloud Migration Challenges, Next pathway



The first bill after migrating to the cloud will come as a shock to businesses persuaded by the cloud’s cost-saving abilities. 

“I’ve seen numerous cases where the first day of cutover,  the first month of cutover,  it’s like, ‘oh my God, I didn’t realize it was gonna cost me this much,’” said Chetan Mathur, co-founder and CEO of Next Pathway.

While companies can save money with the cloud, it’s a different type of operating model. Legacy technology follows a capital expenditure model, while cloud technology runs on an operational expenditure model. 


Cost and governance were the biggest Day Two issues experts identified, and they go hand in hand. When leaders have good governance strategies and awareness, they are more likely to see cost optimization opportunities. 

Companies that aren’t successfully executing pre-migration planning may lose sight of established protocols. Lewis-Pinnell described a Day Two clean-up scenario in which businesses identify holes or mishaps due to employees’ confusion during the process.

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Outside of pre-project planning, a Day Two analysis is the best way to clean-up, regroup and push forward. 

Angotti said many companies migrate to the cloud in waves, so that on Day Two, “nobody’s resting on their laurels and saying, ‘let’s just watch things run.’ But [instead asking] what lessons did we learn? How can we improve the process? What’s our index workload look like? And then kicking off another migration initiative.” 

A Day Two analysis won’t make up for lack of planning, but will allow businesses to carve a clear path forward. Since cloud migration is not a one-and-done process, taking the time to continually evaluate workloads is vital.

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