5 Reasons Why Data Cleaning Matters

With technology advancing at an ever-increasing pace, it is important to do everything you can to ensure the quality and accuracy of all your data. If you are relying on your data to drive sales and innovation, outdated, corrupt, inaccurate or invalid data has the potential to heavily skew your results. The longer you ignore the problem, the more it grows.

Fortunately, it is a straightforward solution to improve your results by implementing data cleansing, or data cleaning, as it is also known. The simple process of using data cleaning tools will be crucial to making sure that your data is accurate, consistent and, most importantly, useable. The tools work to identify and correct signs of errors or “dirty data,” and any corruptions found in your data collection will be deleted to prevent the same thing happening in the future.

A data cleaning system will help to:

-Remove inconsistent data and eliminate messy data and major errors that arise from relying on multiple and different data sources.
-Increase the efficiency of your business by being able to access accurate data quickly and efficiently to pull relevant information.
-Decrease mistakes in the process that can negatively affect customer satisfaction.
-Increase employee productivity.
-More easily map various functions of your data.

So why else should you clean your data?

Boost Customer Acquisition

Having up to date and accurate sources of data is key to more effective lead generation. Ready access to current and accurate data will help improve your response rates to email marketing campaigns and make wasted efforts with outdated addresses a thing of the past. You can manage multi-channel data on customers more efficiently and plan future marketing campaigns based on the methods that prove to be most appealing to your target market.

Improve Your Decision-Making Process

Eliminating duplicates from your database will help save money and time.
The ability to easily access accurate and timely sales results will help you
understand how well a product or service is performing in the current market and respond appropriately.

Enhance Productivity

If your employees are spending more time than necessary trying to access
relevant information on your database, then having clean and up-to-date data is going to be the fastest way to change that. It will ensure that your employees are focusing their time on other important tasks. Productivity and efficiency will also increase when your sales teams no longer waste time contacting out of date leads.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Consistency is key when it comes to most things in life and this is especially true with regards to operating a business successfully. If you continually ensure that your customer data is clean and accurate, then your response times will be quicker, you will spend less time gathering the necessary information required to proceed with a sale and, as a result, your revenue will increase. Duplicate data results in customer frustration (when they receive the same promotional material several times) and it also frustrates employees as they feel they are wasting their time and not actually making any money.

Final Thoughts

Every business, regardless of size, wants to see sales going up and their database growing. In the beginning, a sheet of paper with some names and numbers might serve its purpose, though, when it comes to lead generation, this is not a feasible solution in the long run. Your resources will quickly be drained if you spend too much time trying to manually manage your database, which is why it is better to automate it from the start.

Having a clean database is crucial to successful email marketing campaigns to ensure you are spending money marketing your products to the right people and reducing endless bounce backs. These days, it makes perfect business sense to automate everything possible and allow your valued employees to excel at their talents in a timely manner.