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Spiceworks: How the Cloud Drives Sustainability

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How the Cloud Drives Sustainability?


Sustainability Is a Mandate of Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance must include alignment between corporate performance and global responsibility. In today’s world, you cannot have one without the other. The cloud plays an essential role in this new paradigm. By virtue of its architecture, the cloud can reduce carbon emissions and facilitate sustainable innovation and research. But moreover, the cloud is where massive data analysis supported by a web of data networks allows scientists to identify and discover new methods to bring about lasting social and economic change.

Cloud Providers Are Helping Companies Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

The hyperscale cloud providers – Microsoft, Amazon, and Google – have all pledged to decarbonize their data centers. These companies are eager to promote the news that their data centers are driven by sustainable energy.  

study from 451 research reveals that a move to AWS can help its customers lower their IT carbon footprint by up to 88% when factoring in the carbon intensity of consumed electricity and renewable energy purchases, reducing associated carbon emissions. 

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A Sustainable Future in the Cloud

 For IT leaders working for companies with a goal of improving sustainability, migrating on-prem operations to the cloud is a strong step in supporting this directive. When considering a move to the cloud, you are making a concerted choice to reduce carbon emissions and sustain our environment. The other powerful choice you have is your selection of cloud vendors. Cloud vendors will deliver based on what the market demands. We must mandate that cloud vendors continuously optimize their data centers to reduce energy emissions and water consumption. Each cloud vendor must have a sustainability mandate beyond simply carbon reduction to being carbon negative

You can read the full article here: How the Cloud Drives Sustainability

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