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Microsoft launches Fabric, a complete end-to-end data and analytics platform


This week, on the opening day of the annual Microsoft Build conference, Satya Nadella kicked off the event noting the top 5 of the more than 50 announcements that would be featured at Build. In this prestigious list was Microsoft Fabric; touted as “the biggest data product announcement since SQL Server.” Fabric will offer unified storage and compute, unified experience, unified governance, and a unified business model. The foundation of this governed platform is Microsoft’s OneLake data lake.

Microsoft Fabric was code-named Project Trident. Next Pathway has been involved in the private preview of Fabric (“Trident”) and is well positioned to assist customers to migrate to this new platform. Our code translation product, SHIFT Cloud, seamlessly migrates legacy data warehouses including complex ETL pipelines to Azure Data Factory, and Azure Synapse Analytics

We are extremely excited about these announcements because Fabric will eliminate data silos, promotes data sharing, and incorporates AI capabilities – offering a complete AI platform for enterprises. At the core of Fabric is ‘data fabric’, which represents the combination of delta storage, and parquet file formats through a set of APIs.

Another important design concept is the support for data mesh, which facilitates the ability for teams to define data domains and group data into domains. Allowing distributed teams to work with and share information in a decentralized and agile manner.

Microsoft also understands that companies are working in a multi-cloud infrastructure. Fabric can pull data from Amazon S3 and will soon support Google Cloud Platform.

Fabric reflects Microsoft’s commitment to using AI to help users get the most out of their data, making it easy to create dataflows, data pipelines and visualize data results.

We are extremely excited to be part of the Fabric team and look forward to migrating our customers to this innovative AI-designed platform.



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