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Next Pathway CEO talks to Forbes about The ELT Model for Cloud-Optimized Environments


The ELT model offers several benefits when used in the modern, cloud-based environment. Here are a few:

Data integrity: Protecting data integrity is a key reason ELT is typically a good choice when moving data within cloud-based systems. 

Flexibility in data use: The ELT model lets analysts use the raw, untransformed data to run new and/or different provisioning or transformations to fulfill the end-use case. 

Scalability: One of the main advantages of a cloud-based system is its scalability — its nearly infinite storage capacity. The modern cloud data warehouse separates storage from compute resources, enhancing scalability. 

Low maintenance: As a general rule, ELT requires little maintenance, as ELT tools tend to automate the process. 

You can read the full article here: Things To Know About The ELT Model For Cloud-Optimized Environments