Next Pathway CEO talks to Forbes about the Top Three Considerations to take Before Migrating Your Data Lake To The Cloud

Next Pathway CEO, Chetan Mathur, spoke to Forbes about the top three considerations to take before migrating your data lake to the cloud. 


"Here are three best practices to foster the process of migrating from your on-premises data lake to the cloud.

1. Unpack Your Data Lake

First, a big part of the complexity during the migration process is that each enterprise needs to determine the various technologies and applications operating in their data lake, and then figure out how to uncouple them and migrate them.

2. Identify Which Workloads To Offload Based On Use Case, Performance And Cost

There’s often a lot of junk inside a data lake. If you're planning a migration, you don't want to do a “lift and shift.” There are workloads you can leave behind, because they no longer serve your business objectives or they're redundant.

3. Automate Workload Migration To The Target

The last piece is automatic code conversion of the workloads you’re uploading. With data lakes that are scaling to petabytes, there’s too much volume to migrate manually."