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Next Pathway Expansion of Global Strategic Partnerships and Cloud Footprint


As Oracle increases its footprint globally, Next Pathway stays committed to delivering cloud automation services worldwide. As one of the leaders in the cloud migration industry, Next Pathway is constantly making significant efforts in expanding its strategic global partnerships with Global System Integrators (GSIs) and major cloud providers such as Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse, Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), and Snowflake. Next Pathway is committed to its partners and is continuously working with them to enhance its technology for seamless cloud migration.

While Oracle continues to expand its Cloud capabilities, organizations are enjoying the breadth of cloud options available to them from a multitude of cloud providers. At Next Pathway, we support all cloud platforms, and our products automate each step of the cloud migration journey, making it easier, faster, and cheaper for organizations to move to their desired cloud platform.  Our tools Crawler360™& SHIFT™allow enterprises to plan their cloud migration, translate legacy code, optimize, and test workloads to seamlessly migrate to the cloud. To date, using the SHIFT migration suite we have automated the migration of over 150 million lines of legacy code and over 20000+ ETL pipelines.


For customers seeking migration to any cloud target, SHIFT™ has the capability to automatically translate complex code types to the equivalent syntax of different cloud provider platforms, including PL/SQL, Triggers, Cursors, Macros, and others that typically require extensive manual refactoring in a migration.


Next Pathway is also expanding its team globally to meet the growing demand of corporations that want to move workloads to the cloud. And whether customers are seeking a migration path to the Oracle cloud, or away from Oracle’s legacy on-premises products, customers can trust Next Pathway to provide high-standard services and products for enterprises worldwide.