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Next Pathway President Clara Angotti Selected as a Speaker on Resilient Leadership at the 2021 Women | Future Conference

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Clara Angotti Future Conference

Next Pathway President Clara Angotti’s panel on resilient leadership will specifically dig deeper into how female leaders can weather challenging times for their organizations, such as the pandemic and lead their teams with strength, calm and authenticity in order to achieve greater success for their companies and communities. She will be joined by fellow panelists Anne Bonney, Influence and Positive Leadership Ignitor from Anne Bonney Enterprises, Susan Frew, Director of Business Growth at Raincatcher and Anne Leets, CEO of the Leets Consortium. The panel will be moderated by Bri Seeley, CEO & Founder of Seely Enterprises.

For more information on Angotti’s panel and the conference, make sure to follow her on LinkedIn as well as Next Pathway.

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