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Next Pathway SHIFT Cloud Assists Customers Moving Legacy Workloads To The Cloud

Automated cloud migration company Next Pathway Inc. today announced new code translation software designed to assist customers in moving legacy workloads from data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud.

Designed for intelligent and automated cloud migrations, Next Pathway’s SHIFT Cloud allows customers to upload, analyze and translate their entire legacy code base, according to the company. Support includes transfer and analysis of Structured Query Language code and extract/transform/load or ETL pipelines to the cloud target of their choosing in a self-service capacity.

SHIFT Cloud eliminates the guesswork and frustration from the cloud migration process, Next Pathway says, offering a reliable and simple method to translate complex legacy workloads, in their entirety, to leading cloud targets. The new service can be accessed on a software-as-a-service model or deployed directly into a customer’s environment, depending on how customers want to manage their cloud migrations.

Using the service is described as “three clicks to translation.” Customer upload their source system files to SHIFT Cloud and the service then analyzes them and generates a report. A customer can then trigger automatic code translation to a selected cloud target, including SQL code and ETL pipelines.

You can read the full article here: Next Pathway SHIFT Cloud Assists Customers Moving Legacy Workloads To The Cloud


About Next Pathway

Next Pathway is the Automated Cloud Migration company. Powered by Crawler360 and SHIFT™ Cloud, Next Pathway automates the end-to-end challenges companies experience when migrating applications to the cloud. For more information, please visit nextpathway.com.