Modern Data Lakes, Modeling and Metadata

Following our presentation at the Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada in Toronto this past February, Next Pathway spoke with Insight-as-a-Service’s Mary Allen regarding how companies are tackling the challenge of establishing “Data-as-a-Service” (DaaS).

The article, Next Pathway’s Chief Strategy Officer, Vinay Mathur explains to Mary that DaaS is “a platform and methodology that automates many data management processes to help user organizations achieve clean, secure and standardized data formats, with the ultimate goal of ensuring data governance, reusability and accessibility.”

Mary goes on to explain some of the core challenges companies face today with respect to getting data into a trusted state for all enterprise use cases. One of the primary issues being the lack of importance placed on metadata, or tags, that explain different aspects of the data, and in turn, help with data discovery and consumption.

“This is where Data Lake 1.0 has really failed. Companies were pumping in data, without attaching any metadata. The consumer would have no idea how to access any of it, because they have no idea what is in the Data Lake”, added Mathur.

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