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Next Pathway's CEO Chetan Mathur shares What Companies want from Cloud and Service Providers to TechNative


"Companies recognize the operational efficiencies and the transformational business benefits enabled by the cloud. Organizations are looking to cloud and service providers to help alleviate many of the challenges inherent in the migration process.

Let’s look at the three main benefits from the cloud and the challenges that may arise during migration that may offset those benefits.


Companies continually look to drive new cost savings initiatives, which is one of the top reasons many are interested in a cloud-first business model. The cloud presents many opportunities to fundamentally change IT cost models. With metering capability as well as the availability of SaaS offerings to outsource internal functions, companies have more options to pay as they go to manage their infrastructure costs.

Data and application migration and modernization

The cloud provides the capability and roadmap to migrate and modernize data across organizations, enabling end user access and reporting in a standard and integral form. While this represents significant business and economic advantages, many businesses struggle to leverage data—which hasn’t been properly culled during migration—to realize value through AI and analytics.

Scale, speed and agility

The cloud offers massive and scalable computing capacity, along with its high degree of automation. Companies don’t want to worry about the underlying technology infrastructure; they want to focus on more valuable functions such as design and delivery to their customers and users. The combination of compute power, algorithms, programming tools and cloud architecture all contribute to speed and agility." Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway, the Automated Cloud Migration company. 

You can read the full article here: What Companies Want from Cloud and Service Providers 

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