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Several Thought Leaders Provide 2022 Safer Internet Day Tips,Tricks and Advice

Next Pathway's President Clara Angotti shares with VMBlog her thoughts on internet safety. 
Safer Internet Day Tips By NextPathway


"The goal of Safer Internet Day is to promote the responsible and secure use of technology, primarily for youth, but ideally for us all. However, until governments make this topic a real priority and apply the necessary funding to act with speed, we are left to rely on corporations to ‘do the right thing’ – and quite simply, they don’t because the financial incentives don’t exist. So we are left to take responsibility for our own online safety. There are lots of good solutions to this problem; we just need corporations to put our safety ahead of profits."— Clara Angotti, Next Pathway's President 

You can read the full article here: Several Thought Leaders Provide 2022 Safer Internet Day Tips, Tricks and Advice

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