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Industry Experts on World Password Day

Next Pathway's President Clara Angotti shares with VMBlog her thoughts on World Password Day and why password security should be taken seriously.



“As consumers, nearly every activity we participate in involves logging in to a site using a password, whether on our smartphone or on a computer. Until we are the victims of a breach, we take it for granted that our information will be safe. But World Password Day is a good reminder that we need to be diligent about safeguarding our passwords to ensure our precious information doesn’t fall into the hands of malicious agents. Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated; cyber threats are on the rise. The U.S. government has recently warned its citizens to be on the alert from such attacks implemented by Russia. With cyber criminals becoming more pervasive and their attacks more severe, I wonder how much longer passwords will remain in existence. Perhaps it’s time replace traditional passwords with tools like biometric identity verification, such as iris, facial or voice recognition, to ensure the safety of our information." - Clara Angotti, President Next Pathway.

You can read the full article here: Get Expert Advice During World Password Day 2022

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