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What are the Advantages of Azure Data Factory?

Enterprises interested in moving their on-premise Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW) and Data Lakes to the cloud will need to consider not only moving their data but their code. The code is what brings meaning and context to the data. Code will consist of various objects and data pipelines. The challenge with moving data and code to the cloud, is that many organizations have invested years maintaining, extending, and writing code – millions of lines of code and thousands of data pipelines need to be moved in each EDW or Data Lake cloud migration.


When moving workloads (data and code) to Microsoft Azure, the ideal solution to migrate these existing ETLs is to Azure Data Factory (ADF). ADF provides for the automatic movement and transformation of data at scale in the cloud.

The following are some of the major advantages of Azure Data Factory:

Easy Migration of ETL Workloads to Cloud: You can easily migrate ETL workloads from on-premises EDWs and Data Lakes, to the Azure cloud. ADF use can be used to deploy, run, and manage ETL packages.

Low Learning Curve: Azure Data Factory GUI resembles the other ETL GUIs. Thus, ADF offers a low learning curve for developers familiar with the other ETL interfaces.

Azure Data Factory Cloud Migration Checklist

Code-free Data Transformation: Traditionally, creating data transformations requires ready code. However, with the mapping data flow capability of Azure Data Factory, you can visually build data transformations without writing code. Essentially, ADF gives an unprecedented opportunity to design and run data transformations in a code-free environment helping companies to focus on business logic.

Better Scalability & Performance: Classic ETL systems were not designed to handle huge volume of data. On the contrary, ADF is a scalable platform that comes inbuilt with parallelism and time-slicing features, allowing users to migrate large amounts (terabytes or petabytes) of data to the cloud in a few hours.

Cost-Efficient Platform: Legacy ETL tools have high licensing fees. Additional cost is required for purchasing hardware and maintaining the tools to cope up with the increasing data volume. With ADF’s pay-as-you go service, users won’t have to pay upfront costs and are only charged for the services they use.

In this world full of connected devices and interactive applications across diverse platforms, ADF offers a simple solution to load, transform and analyze huge volumes of raw data from disparate systems to derive meaningful business insights.

Migrate Your Legacy ETLs to Azure Data Factory

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