Fast-Track the Process of Preparing Business Data

Our CEO, Chetan Mathur, recently spoke with B2B News Network's Shane Schick about how Next Pathway is working with organizations to allow them to get to big data and artificial intelligence more quickly.

Shane profiles our latest product, Fuse, that helps organizations use business terminology to prepare and consume data for AI and Analytics.

“Companies are spending millions of dollars in some cases on one-off big data projects,” Chetan Mathur told B2B News Network. “Hey, it’s all the same data, guys.”
Think of an organization that wanted to get a “360-degree view” of its customer data, for example, such as what individual customers spent with different divisions of a bank. The name and address data might be spread across multiple sources, but bringing it together for use in analytics applications or AI has lead some firm to hire scores of developers to handle ETL chores, Mathur said.

You can read the full article here.