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Next Pathway at 4th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

At the 4th annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada in Toronto on Feb 8, 2018, Chetan Mathur, Chief Executive Officer at Next Pathway, Vinay Mathur, Chief Strategy Officer at Next Pathway, and Craig Wickett, Senior Vice President, International Technical Services at Scotiabank, spoke on the topic of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) as a tool to enable companies to prepare data for AI and Machine Learning.
Next Pathway at 4th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

In front of a packed audience, the trio discussed how advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies have grown over the last year, but the “un-sexy” process of getting data in a reusable and trusted state, is a critical first step before companies can leverage those algorithms.

“AI algorithms have greatly improved. They are faster and better targeted at specific business cases,” Chetan said to the packed audience. “But those algorithms need clean and trusted data first”.

Vinay also added that establishing a DaaS architecture is a journey for all organizations. “DaaS is a journey away from the old ways, where creating reports took an “army of developers” writing ETL code manually – taking weeks or even months – to a place where the Business can query and obtain their own data, using terms familiar to them.”

If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation, please email Chetan at cmathur@nextpathway.com.

You can also read more about DaaS in Chetan’s latest LinkedIn article here.