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How to Choose Between a Cloud Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake

The use of cloud computing is essential to business, and this has never been more true as companies spend more time and effort on digital transformation initiatives. However, the choice of which Cloud Data Platform (CDP) to select can be daunting.

CEO Chetan Mathur says Cloud Data Platforms such as Snowflake and Databricks offer SaaS models, which provide cloud based scaleability, flexibility and usage based pricing. These platforms are purpose built with specific technology riding on top of the cloud. Both have considerable features and benefits. How does an organization select the most appropriate cloud data platform? Most likely your approach and choice will be based on your usage patterns, data volumes, workloads and data strategies. It may also include your future plans for executing data analytics and how you plan to monetize your digital products and assets.

Keep in mind that moving to a cloud data platform is a modernization of your data systems. The most efficient path is to first ‘translate’ your existing legacy code and data for deployment to the cloud, and then roadmap and plan the end-state transformation to leverage cloud native features available in your choice of CDP, over time. 

You can read the full article on Solutions Review here: How to Choose Between a Cloud Data Warehouse vs. Data Lake 

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