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Cloud Providers Leverage Product Strategies To Attract Potential Customers

Next Pathway’s study highlights intrinsic problems enterprises face as they enable their digital transformation to the cloud. CEO Chetan Mathur and President Clara Angotti offer insight on how companies can overcome migration issues.


As 1200+ IT leaders weigh in on our Winter 2022 survey, results show which cloud models and ETL solutions are being favoured.

First mover cloud firms are reaping benefits in the market as companies are eager to shift their workload to cloud platforms. This can be seen through the division of market share, Microsoft Azure is in the lead with 37% percent, showing that cloud providers continue to benefit from the rush however companies need help. “Moving to the cloud is not easy. Companies are asking for more services that will automate their migration and mitigate their risk to enable transformation,” said Clara Angotti, President of Next Pathway.

The majority of clients rush into the cloud-migration process without mapping out a schedule for workload migration. Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway, says one of the ways to overcome this issue is to “Automate as many steps as possible. Many tools automate the crawling of your legacy applications, automate the translation of legacy code and ETL pipelines, and automate test script creation and execution. Automation will save valuable time.”

You can read the full article here: Cloud Providers Push Products, Tactics, To Win Customers in Competitive Market


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