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Data Privacy Is more than just Data Security

Our privacy is a basic human right. And yet, nearly every day we share confidential information as a necessity to conduct our business and personal lives, hoping that the recipient respects our data and praying that our data is not misused or exploited in a way that causes us or others harm.
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Best Practices for Ensuring Data Privacy

Here are some best practices for any company that is collecting, storing and/or managing someone’s basic information. These recommendations go a long way in building mutual trust between the organization that is collecting the data and the individual that is offering their data:

Let us start with the basics. Make sure that individuals who interact with your company understand:

  • What data is being collected, and why
  • Whether that data is being sold or shared
  • Who that data is being sold to or shared with?

As data moves across borders and grows exponentially, managing and maintaining data privacy is becoming increasingly more complex.

Trends in Corporate Governance

Corporations will soon be obligated to assess ‘privacy’ impacts of their initiatives that collect personal information. They will need to appoint an individual responsible for maintaining personal information about their customers; a “Person in Charge of Personal Information” (the PCPI). This role will govern the business’ treatment of personal information.

The Impact of COVID on Data Privacy 

As a result of the pandemic, more staff are working remote. With more staff working  ‘online’ from their own devices, there has been an increase in cyber crime. Not only is it becoming increasing more difficult to manage and avoid cyber attacks, but the cost of insuring against these breaches is also on the rise. Companies are under greater due diligence requirements from their insurers and are being held to a higher standard to maintain and protect data and mitigate data breaches.

We live in a world where our personal information is widely accessible – with or without our consent. Whether we are working at home or the office, walking into an airport, or shopping online, our most valuable possession in our privacy.

Data privacy is reliant on good governance, global co-operation, legal policy, and informed consent. - Clara Angotti, Next Pathway's President

You can read the full article here: Data privacy Is more than just data security

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