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Data Privacy Day 2022: Views and Tips from Top Industry Experts

Next Pathway's President Clara Angotti shares with David Marshall at VMBlog her thoughts on data privacy. 
Data Privacy Day 2022


"Data privacy is more than just security. Privacy is a basic human right, yet each day we are faced with the decision to share private information as a necessity to conduct our lives, while hoping that the recipient respects our data and that it is not misused or exploited. As individuals become more aware of the value of their data and the potential impact of it ending up in the wrong hands, it is essential for companies or any parties collecting, storing and managing people's information to build a mutual trust. These organizations should practice transparency by outlining what data is being collected and why, whether the data is being sold or shared, and who it is being sold or shared with."— Clara Angotti, Next Pathway's President 

You can read the full article here: Data Privacy Day 2022: Views and Tips from Top Industry Experts 

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