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Study: Enterprise Cloud Move Met with IT Unease

A study published this week by Next Pathway found that large organizations' IT leaders are hesitant to move into the cloud without tools and automation support for the initial migration.
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Cloud Migration Surprises and Tips
The respondents who said that they had completed cloud migrations indicated that they were mostly surprised by having to spend more time on the actual implementation process (42.5 percent). Also, 41.6 percent said that "the planning took longer than expected."

Organizations should do the following things when moving to the cloud, according to the respondents:

  • Identify interdependencies between applications and their interactions with other systems (20.6 percent)
  • Create a backup strategy (18.9 percent)
  • Determine the volume of data to be moved in advance (18.3 percent)
  • Create a disaster recovery strategy (15.8 percent)
  • Partner with a proven cloud migration expert (13.7 percent)
  • Address cloud vendor risks (12.6 percent)

You can read the full article by Redmond Channel Partner here: Study: Enterprise Cloud Move Met with IT Unease

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