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insideBIGDATA : Automation Liberation The New Self-Service Approach To Cloud Migration

With the recent boom of AI apps, tools and chatbots there is a growing interest in cloud hyperscale providers, such as Microsoft and Google, to incorporate these tools into their cloud platform for advanced AI and ML applications. The jump in the stock value of Microsoft following the announcement of its investment in ChapGPT is testament to the fact that the market likes these innovative solutions. To have these AI tools be meaningful, massive amounts of data needs to be pushed to the cloud. Turning on AI will be predicated on moving legacy applications (code, data platforms, and data) to the cloud. The movement of legacy applications has historically been very challenging. In our research we have seen that companies are attracted to the business benefits of cloud computing, but are hesitant to move large, legacy applications. Most legacy applications have been developed over years and there tends to be “application sprawl” This makes it difficult for companies to know with a high degree of confidence which applications should be migrated to the cloud. The lack of visibility into the data dependencies and, data lineage further complicates matters.

You can read the full article here: Heard on the Street – 3/20/2023


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