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On Cloud Migration Q&A with Chetan Mathur

Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway shares his insights on the trends in cloud migration with Roberto Zicari from ODBMS.  Chetan discusses why companies have yet to move significant legacy workloads to the cloud, the importance of understanding the depth and breadth of legacy systems prior to moving workloads to the cloud, and the latest launch from Next Pathway, SHIFT Cloud, a self-service code translation product. 


Q1. According to the 2022 survey you recently did, 66% of companies surveyed still haven’t migrated to the cloud. Do you have an explanation why?

Despite the many benefits of cloud computing, most cloud instances are ‘greenfield,’ meaning the customer is building a new application on the cloud. Few customers have actually migrated existing on-prem, legacy workloads to the cloud. The reason is that cloud migrations require specialized tools to automate the translation of legacy code and data. It can take years to complete the migration when done manually (meaning rewriting each line of code). In addition, most companies lack visibility into their legacy applications; these tend to be extensive applications with many data hops, generating hundreds of reports. Customers are hesitant to move massive applications because they are afraid of the costs of the migration and the extensive time to re-test these applications, most of which are mission critical.

Q2. Moreover, in your survey 48% of them are concerned about a lack of automated tooling that would expedite the translation and migration of code from on-prem to cloud. What is the problem exactly here?

Automated tools are essential to migration legacy applications to the cloud. Without automation, legacy migrations can take years, costs millions of dollars and often negate the impact and benefits of moving to the cloud. Translating complex stored procedures and ETL platforms to modern cloud architectures requires unique tooling to handle these challenging workloads. 


You can read the full article here: On Cloud Migration. Q&A with Chetan Mathur


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