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Migrating IBM DB2 to the Cloud with Next Pathway


Migrating IBM DB2 to the cloud can be a complex process, presenting technical challenges and potential disruptions. However, organizations can achieve a streamlined and efficient migration experience by adopting a thoughtful and strategic approach. Next Pathway's next-generation code translation software SHIFT Cloud, combined with CRAWLER360 for cloud migration planning and TESTER for data validation, offers a comprehensive suite of tools that ensure a seamless transition while preserving data integrity and minimizing disruptions. In this article, we will explore how SHIFT Cloud and CRAWLER360 enable organizations to achieve a smooth IBM DB2 migration to the cloud, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their data and embrace seamless integration into the cloud environment.

A Comprehensive Migration Plan with CRAWLER360:

CRAWLER360 will crawl through your entire DB2 data warehouse to identify critical information about your system, including cataloguing legacy data sources, identifying data lineage, illustrating job pipelines and more. CRAWLER360 enables organizations to visualize code composition, identify job complexity grouping, and understand end-to-end job lineage. The information contained in CRAWLER360 allows the user to segment the migration into waves to create the optimal migration plan. This plan can be fed directly into SHIFT Cloud for code translation.

In addition to CRAWLER360, Next Pathway can provide professional services to assist with developing a comprehensive migration team model, project plan, data migration plan, test strategy and more. With meticulous planning, organizations have a clear roadmap, reducing uncertainties and instilling confidence during the migration journey.

Streamlining with Database Optimization:

SHIFT Cloud, in collaboration with CRAWLER360, will optimize the IBM DB2 database prior to migration. These tools streamline the migration process by reducing the size and complexity of the data, ensuring an efficient transition to the cloud. By optimizing the database, organizations can achieve a seamless migration experience, eliminating unnecessary data burdens and enhancing overall performance in the cloud environment.

Simplifying Migration with Automation with SHIFT Cloud:

One of the key benefits of SHIFT Cloud is its powerful automated code translation capabilities, including the translation of SQL code and ETL pipelines. By automating time-consuming tasks, organizations can achieve a streamlined migration experience, eliminating the potential for human error and ensuring a smooth transition.

Preserving Data Integrity and Validation with TESTER:

Maintaining data integrity is crucial during migration. TESTER can be used for data validation, ensuring accurate and complete data migration to the cloud. Thorough validation processes provide reassurance by guaranteeing the consistency and reliability of data, minimizing the risk of discrepancies or inaccuracies in the migrated environment.

Migrating IBM DB2 to the cloud with the combined power of CRAWER360, SHIFT Cloud and TESTER empowers organizations to achieve a streamlined and efficient transition. Companies can unlock the full potential of IBM DB2 in the cloud while minimizing disruptions and challenges through comprehensive planning, automatic code translation and data validation, along with expert assistance. Next Pathway’s tool and expert services allows companies to embark on their cloud journey with confidence, embracing a future that seamlessly integrates their IBM DB2 data into the cloud ecosystem.


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