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Next Pathway and Microsoft Fabric: Empowering Business Transformations through Seamless Cloud Migration


Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive and streamlined analytics platform that provides enterprises with a full solution from data movement to data science and more. The foundation of Microsoft Fabric is OneLake which is the platform from which the Fabric services are built. OneLake provides a unified location to store all organizational data.

Migrating legacy workloads to Microsoft Fabric allows enterprises to access years of institutional knowledge and data in a platform that delivers all the advantages that the cloud can offer – unlimited compute, storage, security, and more. These are essential to turn on AI and deliver true digital transformation.

Next Pathway is a Microsoft Partner that makes the migration of legacy workloads to Fabric, easy, efficient, and cost-effective.

Next Pathway offers automated cloud migration solutions that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Fabric, providing organizations with a complete end-to-end data analytics platform. CRAWLER360, Next Pathway's cloud migration planning tool, enables organizations to visualize dependencies across data pipelines in legacy data warehouses and data lakes. With improved and expanded visualization capabilities, CRAWLER360 offers clients enhanced insights into dependencies across ETL tools in legacy data infrastructure.

Next Pathway's SHIFT Cloud is another innovative product designed to facilitate the migration of legacy workloads from data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud, including complex ETL pipelines. By revolutionizing the migration process, SHIFT Cloud enables customers to efficiently move their legacy workloads, reducing risks and accelerating their cloud adoption journey.

Next Pathway's products together with Microsoft Fabric deliver strategic benefits to organizations:

Automated cloud migration: Next Pathway's solutions streamline and automate the migration process, allowing organizations to migrate to the cloud faster and with reduced risk. CRAWLER360 visualizes dependencies, while SHIFT Cloud facilitates the smooth translation of legacy workloads.

Data integration: Next Pathway's products enable seamless integration of data from various sources into Microsoft Fabric, eliminating data silos and promoting data sharing across the organization.

Data engineering: Next Pathway's solutions provide data engineering capabilities, including data cleansing, transformation, and enrichment, preparing the data for analysis within Microsoft Fabric.

Data warehousing: Next Pathway's products support the creation of a centralized data warehouse within Microsoft Fabric, providing organizations with a unified and efficient data storage and management solution.

Real-time analytics: Next Pathway's solutions enable real-time analytics on data within Microsoft Fabric, empowering organizations with timely insights for data-driven decision-making.

Cost optimization: By leveraging CRAWLER360 and SHIFT Cloud, organizations can optimize their cloud migration costs by automating the migration process, reducing manual efforts, and saving time.

In summary, Next Pathway's automated cloud migration solutions together with Microsoft Fabric offers organizations a comprehensive data analytics platform. By leveraging CRAWLER360 and SHIFT Cloud, organizations can visualize dependencies, migrate legacy workloads, integrate data, engineer data, create data warehouses, perform real-time analytics, and optimize costs. This integration paves the way for a seamless cloud migration journey and unlocks the full potential of data analytics for business innovation.


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Next Pathway is the Automated Cloud Migration company. Powered by the SHIFT Cloud, Next Pathway automates the end-to-end challenges companies experience when migrating applications to the cloud. For more information, please visit nextpathway.com.

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