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Navigating Change: Ways for IT Leaders to Rise Above the Fear

Next Pathway's President Clara Angotti shares with InformationWeek 3 lessons to help IT leaders navigate change.
Navigating Change: Ways for IT Leaders to Rise Above the Fear 


"For IT leaders to thrive, they need to embrace change, deliver when outcomes are unpredictable, build a strong advisory relationship with their business leaders, and attract/retain high-demand skilled resources. None of these are easy: They require IT leaders to manage and thrive in an environment of constant change.

Here are three lessons that I’ve learned to help you to prepare for whatever comes your way.

  1. Have a firm appreciation and understanding of your current reality, who you are, and your current professional goals. As said so brilliantly by Socrates, “Know Thyself.”

  2. Learn to listen more and talk less. Pay attention to where the market is going. Be comfortable asking questions and be open to learning -- to ‘rethink’ what you thought you knew.

  3. Capitalize on every opportunity, no matter how small, provided it's bringing you closer to your goals. Build steady, incremental, and noticeable results that create confidence in your team. Announcing a ‘change management’ strategy does not deliver results. Results that are most meaningful, sustainable, and motivational are those that are made by a small group of people that demonstrate momentum. You are looking for steady, predictable, observable, and tangible results. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team -- show them the way." — Clara Angotti, Next Pathway's President 

You can read the full article here: Navigating Change: Ways for IT Leaders to Rise Above the Fear 

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