Next Pathway Adds Ground-Breaking Capability to Translate Informatica and Datastage ETL Pipelines to the Cloud in Latest Version of SHIFT™

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR version 4.0 automatically translates Informatica and DataStage ETL pipelines to run in the cloud, solving a major migration blocker.

Toronto, ON — May 19, 2020 — Next Pathway Inc., the Automated Cloud Migration company, today announced the release of SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR version 4.0. This is a significant release as it provides the unique capability to automatically translate complex ETL (extract, transform and load) pipelines to run in the cloud.  Previously, the only option available was to manually re-write the ETL pipelines, an expensive, lengthy and risky approach. 

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR version 4.0 includes support for commercial ETL tools like Informatica and DataStage, providing companies with a solution that accelerates cloud migration projects where customers are reliant on third-party ETL tools for data transformation within the data warehouse environment. SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR automatically translates all aspects of legacy ETL pipelines, including embedded SQL, source/target connectors, orchestration logic, and other XML-based attributes, in minutes.

Historically, the only option for companies has been to upgrade to the latest editions of the vendor’s ETL software that can run in the cloud, or manually refactor the ETL code. Both options introduce major complexity to the data warehouse migration, including increased costs, timelines and operational risks. With SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR version 4.0, companies can take this part of the migration off the critical path by automating the translation and repointing of existing legacy ETL pipelines to the cloud, be it Snowflake, AWS, Google Cloud or other platforms.  

“We’ve seen companies who want to get to the cloud and decommission their legacy data warehouses stuck when their environments are heavily reliant on commercial ETL tools”, said Chetan Mathur, Chief Executive Officer at Next Pathway. “With this latest release of SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR , we’re solving another major bottleneck for our customers by automating the translation of legacy ETL pipelines and repointing them to the cloud, helping accelerate end-to-end migration timelines while keeping costs down.”

SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR version 4.0, is part of the SHIFT™ Migration Suite, which provides tools to automate and accelerate the end-to-end cloud migration lifecycle. Version 4.0 is available immediately.

About Next Pathway

Next Pathway is the Automated Cloud Migration company.  Powered by the SHIFT™ Migration Suite, Next Pathway automates the end-to-end
challenges companies experience when migrating applications to the cloud.

SHIFT™ Migration Suite consists of five apps that automate key steps in a migration lifecycle: 

  • SHIFT™ CRAWLER automatically scans and catalogs legacy data sources, including ETL pipelines, scheduler jobs, and downstream consuming applications, to uncover actionable insights to plan your migration more effectively.

  • SHIFT™ ANALYZER assesses various code types within legacy applications to create inventories of all objects, define complexity, and provide automation rates in order to size your migration.

  • SHIFT™ TRANSLATOR automates the translation of complex workloads when executing your migration to the cloud – including SQL, Stored Procedures, ETL, and various other code types – for various source and target platforms.

  • SHIFT™ TESTER automates key tasks in the testing lifecycle when executing and optimizing workloads within the cloud

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