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Next Pathway Announces Cornerstone 4.0

The release of Cornerstone 4.0 enables companies to automatically ingest data into native cloud storage formats, delivering immediate cost savings by separating storage from compute.
Next Pathway Announces Cornerstone 4.0

Toronto, ON — July 31, 2018 — Next Pathway, a leading provider of enterprise Big Data and Digital Transformation software, launched the latest release of its leading metadata-driven data ingestion engine, Cornerstone 4.0. This version allows users to ingest all data types directly into native cloud storage formats, including support for Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Cornerstone 4.0 builds upon the self-service capabilities of the platform, including the following cloud-based enhancements:

-Two-way encryption to support enterprise access control methods
-Batch ingestion adapters for Google Cloud Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, and AWS S3 for the following file formats: COBOL, XML, Delimited, Fixed-Length, JSON
-Enhanced enterprise cloud-based security integration
-Enhanced multi-cluster metadata management

“You cannot have a data conversation without having a cloud conversation. Cloud should not be thought of as a destination, rather, a doctrine for your organization,” says Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway. “Through our cloud-enabled enhancements with Cornerstone 4.0, we have merged our industry-leading metadata-driven data ingestion capabilities with the power of the cloud. This enables our enterprise clients to get data onboarded/migrated faster, more securely, while automatically capturing metadata and lineage; all without writing a single line of code.”

Cornerstone is part of Next Pathway’s portfolio of Big Data and Digital Transformation software, which also includes SHIFT, an automated code translation engine that allows users to convert legacy code into modern languages to run natively in the cloud; FUSE, which automates the enrichment and transformation of data inside of Big Data environments; ARRAY, which helps organizations expose back-end services automatically via a service-oriented architecture; and MERCURY, which automates microservices development, helping organizations modernize their monolithic applications.

Cornerstone 4.0 is available immediately.

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Next Pathway is a technology company that develops, licenses, and provides services to support its Big Data and Digital Transformation products. Through innovation, automation and extensibility, Next Pathway’s products have revolutionized the way companies prepare data for analytics and leverage modern architectures for digital enablement. For more information, please visit nextpathway.com.

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