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Next Pathway's Momentum Advances. New Technology, Capabilities, & Partners

For many reasons, events in 2020 caught us off guard. Certainly that was true in healthcare, but it is equally true for the business world.

Few could have foreseen the pandemic and its impact. But the need for businesses to digitally transform and migrate their data to the cloud was much discussed pre-COVID. For too many organizations, however, there was no sense of urgency.

Businesses learned the hard way what needs to be done. Digital transformation and cloud migration are no longer options—they are essential for any organization hoping to achieve success in the coming years.

Next Pathway’s cloud migration solutions are the right technology, at the right time, at the right place. We offer a streamlined approach to automatically translating legacy code to enable and accelerate cloud migration. And not just legacy workloads, but ETL (extract, transform and load) pipelines and BI (business intelligence) reports as well.

Our overall migration statistics clearly demonstrate the success of our technology.

cloud migration

In 2020, we:
  • Translated 150 million lines of legacy workloads to hyperscale cloud providers
  • Repointed 20,000 ETL pipelines to the cloud
  • Repointed 12,000 BI reports to the cloud

Enhanced translation capabilities of legacy workloads to 100%

We are thrilled that our partnership with Snowflake, formed in November 2019,  continues to be overwhelmingly successful for both of us. To date, we migrated 56 million lines of EDW and data lake code to Snowflake and repointed 10,000+ ETL jobs and 2,000+ BI reports to the cloud.

In addition to Snowflake, we have also formed partnerships with other leading cloud companies, including

And now we are excited to announce our newest capability—leveraging SHIFT Migration Suite to automatically translate legacy ETL code to Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Azure’s fully managed, cloud-native ETL technology. Enterprise customers are able to retire and decommission their legacy, third-party ETL tools, from vendors like IBM DataStage, Informatica and Talend, and migrate the ETL pipelines to run in Azure Data Factory, without manually rewriting or refactoring the code.  

This capability to automatically translate ETL code gives us a singular position in the cloud migration tech space.  

Earlier this year, we launched Crawler360, which provides companies with instant visibility into exactly what’s in their on-prem systems and then also provides a working plan on how to migrate workloads to the cloud effectively. Uncovering the unknowns is paramount to ensuring a successful, cost-effective and timely migration to the cloud.

SHIFT technology continues to prove it is the fastest and most complete end-to-end migration automation software on the market.

SHIFT automatically handles complex source-to-target differences between on-prem and cloud applications by translating all types of complex code types in order to get applications running natively in the cloud. 

Companies migrating to the cloud to accelerate their businesses and compete successfully in a post-pandemic global market is one of the biggest technological shifts of our time. Our migration technology is the catalyst that allows enterprises to reach the cloud—and to work with leading cloud providers like Snowflake and Azure Synapse to accelerate their growth.

Most enterprise customers realize that the cloud will transform their business and provide benefits across the board, but they struggle to get there effectively. This is due to the legacy application “sprawl” that exists on-prem today—huge data volumes that depend on siloed and departmental solutions without centralized governance, among other major challenges. While security concerns have somewhat been alleviated by the innovation and investments made by the hyperscale providers, enterprise customers still don’t know how to get to the cloud, where to start the process, and how to not blow up their budgets. 

In 2020, there were numerous industry reports that claimed that many enterprises still hadn’t migrated the majority of their workloads to the cloud—not because they didn’t see the value, but because they were overwhelmed by the cost, time and enormity of the task.

That’s where Next Pathway comes in. We are the only company that considers the end-to-end challenges customers face when migrating to the cloud and solves these challenges through automation. There is no other company today that has a complete, all-encompassing solution for automating legacy to cloud migrations. 

If you are interested in learning how we can help accelerate your migration to the cloud, please contact us.