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Next Pathway 2022 Predictions: Readying for Massive Cloud Migration

"Many large corporations have been sitting on the sidelines watching as other firms move to the cloud. But they are realizing that they have missed a great opportunity to take advantage of the digital transformation wave. My prediction is that 2022 will be all about large organizations actively moving their massive legacy workloads (mainframes, data lakes and data warehouses) to the cloud. Below is my full slate of predictions for 2022:

1. Dominance of hybrid work model

2. Hybrid cloud computing ramps up

3. Multi-cloud vendor strategies will take center stage

4. Cloud providers to extend their offerings

5. Democratization of data

6. Emergence of BI tooling

7. Sustainable energy solutions

8. More adoption of smart, wearable devices

9. Hot topics that will ascend/gain greater traction

10. Trends that will fall out of favour

Looking ahead to 2022, we hope for a better world, a more peaceful existence, more productivity, healthy lifestyles, and easier ways to work, purchase goods and receive services." - Clara Angotti, Next Pathway's President

You can read the full article here: Next Pathway 2022 Predictions: Readying for Massive Cloud Migration

About Clara Angotti, Next Pathway's President

Clara Angotti has over 25 years of technology management experience. As President, Ms. Angotti is focused on Next Pathway’s mission of helping customers automate the end-to-end challenges their experience when migrating applications to the cloud.