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Survey: Cloud Migration Has a Ways to Go



Microsoft Currently Has an Edge

"The February 2022 survey also reveals a tight race in the battle for market share among the hyperscale public cloud providers. Microsoft had a slight advantage with 37.3% of respondents choosing it as the leader with the most robust platform. But Amazon AWS (32.1%) and Google Cloud Platform (29.7%) also hold a prominent share of mindshare in the public cloud market.

In an interview with Futuriom, Next Pathway CEO Chetan Mathur said that in their work with enterprises, Microsoft is capturing more business.

“Microsoft is the primary cloud target for enterprises migrating workloads,” said Mathur. “The reason is Amazon has more revenue share and because it has focused on the developer community with open-source tooling.”

Mathur said that Next Pathway’s survey research and experience indicates that AWS holds a strong base in the developer community, while Microsoft is gaining more victories among traditional enterprise IT."

Other key data includes:

  • 43.1% of enterprises cited a lack of experienced internal skill set to plan and execute the migration
  • 52.1% of companies agree that multicloud is a good strategy, but 32.1% are still debating the overall value
  • Nearly 50% of the respondents named migrating existing applications as a service they want cloud providers to offer
  • Only 30% of companies have a hybrid cloud in production

You can read the full article by Futorium here: SURVEY: CLOUD MIGRATION HAS A WAYS TO GO

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