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The Do's and Don'ts of the Cloud

Want some great examples of how not to go about cloud computing and the adoption of additional cloud services? Hop on Google and search “data breach”. You’ll find countless examples of how not to move into the realm of cloud-based business.
The Dos and Don'ts of the Cloud

Data breaches refer to unintentional losses to privacy of data - think hackers - and are the cases most likely to make the headlines but there are countless other ways businesses can lose out when utilizing cloud computing. We all wish our businesses could reach that pinnacle status of cloud storage like the tech giants such as Netflix, but let's start on a smaller scale and think about the do’s and don'ts of the cloud that every business should keep in mind.

Why shouldn’t we move to the cloud? All the other businesses I speak with do everything in there! When it comes to cloud migration, every case is unique. You need to be sure that you’ve examined every potential option in terms of cloud-based solutions and justified exactly how each potential option either can or cannot benefit your business. This is likely the deepest rooted don’t & do combination, so if this is the first time it’s crossing your mind, you definitely need to do a significant amount of research before it's worth your time reading the rest of this article!

In the early days of cloud-based storage and analytic business solutions, companies gradually migrated into the cloud one step at a time. While this was once common practice, these days most cloud providers and software developers work in a cloud-native mindset. That is, they are designing and updating things with the intention that the business will have its foundations within the cloud. This means that if the goal is the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you’ll likely need to focus on data being directly deposited in the cloud instead of data centers to have those real-time predictions and analytics!

Cloud-based solutions aren’t like opening the first physical location of your business where you’re likely dealing with a single location. Rather, it is often the case that businesses find the best deals and optimized approaches for their needs by using multiple vendors and service providers. As vendors and providers must adapt to the ever-present law of supply and demand, the industry has quickly shifted so that cross over options between providers are becoming more common than ever before.

Wait, we’ve ALWAYS submitted reports this way! Well, as your company migrates to the cloud, things need to adapt and optimize with the migration. When thinking about how these changes will come about, always have a top-down approach in mind. Start with the end goal and work backward to plan each step needed to achieve it.