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Microsoft Ignite 2023: Announcing the General Availability of Microsoft Fabric for AI Innovation


In the rapidly evolving landscape of data management and artificial intelligence, Microsoft takes center stage with the announcement of the general availability of Microsoft Fabric, a groundbreaking Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Beyond a mere integration of Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Fabric signifies a transformative leap into a new era of data warehousing and AI-driven innovation. Interestingly, Microsoft Fabric is already being used by 25,000 organizations today.

A New Era of Data Warehousing: Synapse Data Warehouse

At the heart of Microsoft Fabric lies the Synapse Data Warehouse, a next-generation solution that not only supports an open data format but also unifies capabilities from Synapse Dedicated and Serverless SQL Pools. The platform introduces pivotal improvements, empowering enterprises to unlock new scenarios in analytics that were once deemed impossible.

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Real-Time Analytics and Data Factory

Microsoft Fabric introduces Real-Time Analytics, a service designed to empower data-driven professionals across diverse domains. This service allows users to ingest, capture, transform, and route real-time events within the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem. The Data Factory within Microsoft Fabric has now reached general availability, showcasing continuous enhancements based on customer and community feedback, along with robust admin, governance, and security capabilities.

Seamless Integration with Azure AI Studio: A Gateway to AI-Driven Innovation

The seamless integration of Microsoft Fabric with Azure AI Studio, currently in public preview, forms a powerful synergy. This integration enables users to confidently build AI solutions and custom models, utilizing data seamlessly integrated and cleaned within Microsoft Fabric. Developers can run models against data from various sources, including Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Amazon S3, opening the door to a new era of AI-driven innovation.

Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric: Redefining Data Access

A noteworthy feature, Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric, presents a modern approach to accessing and ingesting data continuously and seamlessly from any database or data warehouse. Operating in near real-time, this feature provides users with immediate access to changes in the data source, offering a centralized management experience within Fabric without the need to switch database clients.

Copilot AI in Microsoft Fabric: Democratizing Data Analytics

Microsoft introduced Copilot AI, an intelligent assistant that understands natural language inputs, producing actionable insights and making data analytics accessible to all practitioners. Integrated into Microsoft Fabric, Copilot AI utilizes Azure OpenAI Service, facilitating tasks such as coding, language models, and reasoning over data, across various components of Fabric like Data Factory, Data Engineering Workloads, Synapse Analytics, Data Activator, and Power BI.

Legacy Migration to Microsoft Fabric: A Comprehensive Modernization Approach

For organizations planning a migration to Microsoft Fabric, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of services. Microsoft provides detailed guidance on schema migration, database code migration, and data migration, supporting a phased modernization approach. This enables organizations to gradually re-engineer legacy data warehouses, leveraging the new engines and features available in the Fabric Workspace.

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