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Untangle The 'Spaghetti' Before You Begin Your Cloud Migration

Enterprises have dozens of applications that have been running on their premises for upwards of 20 years. These applications share so many interdependencies that it is difficult to untangle and delineate where one application or data source begins and ends.


The “spaghetti factor" refers to legacy environments that resemble a bottomless bowl of spaghetti with long, intertwining strands. Identifying interdependencies between applications is the most important consideration when moving workloads to the cloud. 

What’s needed is a comprehensive, end-to-end planning process supported by automated tooling that can discover and map the data lineage, dependencies and flow of your legacy applications across your systems, and that defines the cloud target. Chetan Mathur, CEO of Next Pathway Inc., says defining and understanding these relationships is critical to determining what to migrate and in what order. 

You can read the full article here: To Begin Your Cloud Migration, First Untangle The ‘Spaghetti’

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