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Competitive Market Energizes Cloud Providers to Extend Their Services

Next Pathway's latest survey of 1,200 IT professionals and decision-makers reveals that there are no clear winners in the battle for market share among the hyperscale public cloud providers. Microsoft Azure has a slight advantage with (37.3%) of market share, compared to Amazon AWS (32.1%) and Google Cloud Platform (29.7%).

The State of Enterprise Cloud Migrations survey underscores the heightened sense of urgency by businesses to move their workloads to the cloud to realize new revenue streams through digital transformation: 78.3% of IT leaders report an increase in demand for moving workloads to the cloud. However, just one-third (33.6%) of respondents have completed a workload migration, which is only slightly more than the finding from Next Pathway's July 2021 survey, when 31% had completed the process. We are still in the early days of the move to the cloud.

You can read the full article here:  Highly Competitive Market Energizes Cloud Providers to Extend Their Services, Products and Tactics to Win the Cloud Wars

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