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Cloudy with a Chance of Windfall

Next Pathway founders Clara Angotti and Chetan Mathur sat down with the Globe and Mail's Technology Reporter, Sean Silcoff to discuss the highlights of their careers as entrepreneurs and business owners, from the day they've first met, through their successful technology startups, to their biggest success yet, Next Pathway.
Cloudy with a Chance of Windfall

Next Pathway Inc., formed in 2006, helps their clients, ranging from banks and online travel companies to retailers, with their Big Data initiatives. One thing all the clients have in common is the need for their old legacy code and data to be moved to the Cloud - a daunting task that can take months of work to be completed. Next Pathway's Automated Code Translation Engine - SHIFT, has cut that time to days. Now the company has formed a partnership with Snowflake to help businesses access this critical service.

While data migration is a one time process, the coming years are expected to be full of opportunity as more businesses move their data to the Cloud. As Mr. Mathur has said,  “We’re just scratching the surface. This is a massive opportunity for our firm.”  

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