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Protocol: Advancements In Global IT Service Outsourcing

With the growing demands of global IT service outsourcing, the $4 trillion dollar industry is limited in the number of experienced individuals in technology-related fields. The pandemic stimulated IT services delivery from remote locations. With access to multi-cloud computing and the ability to scale, compute and store data as the business grows without constraints to connectivity or centralized location limitations.



Cloud Computing has assisted companies in expanding their hiring practices and increasing outsourcing selectively from the Philippines and India to advancing into Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria. The recent shift to navigating cloud providers is complex; according to the recent Next Pathway's Winter 2022 Cloud Migration survey, respondents indicated that working with multiple infrastructure cloud providers would be highly beneficial. While highlighting concerns to inter-cloud connectivity and performance resulting in only one-third of IT leaders have completed the migration to cloud platforms.

Cloud computing remains a controversial topic in the technology sector as it requires the modernization of data to utilize cloud capabilities for business optimization.

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