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Top 6 Updates with Cloud Migration

When your business has decided to move or further scale out its migration to the cloud, having a focused approach maximizing return on investment is key.
Top 6 Enhancements with Cloud Migration

The enlistment of industry experts who have a proven track record of helping companies like yours manage this migration process is essential to ensuring at the end of the day the move to the cloud platform has not only saved you money, but also transformed the capabilities of your business. The following are six key enhancements that cloud migration can offer to help your business grow and adapt with the ever-changing marketplace.

1. Enhanced Security

The majority of cloud providers take care of the more challenging security issues as part of the user packages. For example, keeping unwanted traffic outside of a predetermined group from accessing the machines on which your applications and data storage reside. In addition, automatic updates are commonplace to ensure anything they enhance in security is moved onto your machines as well to increase security.

2. Simplified Infrastructure

When working with cloud-based infrastructure, companies are able to peel away the former complexity within the architecture to ensure all machines are working in a cohesive fashion. This allows for resources to be allocated as needed with a rapid turnaround time, ensuring your business can be flexible and adapt as needed to ensure successful migration.

3. Rapid Deployment

There will be no more backend programming and allocation of resources and servers, once you’re in the cloud platform. Most services provide the built-in ability to provision servers and additional resources through a few steps in a GUI. This simplifies the migration process and avoids inherent and avoidable errors that often occur when working with resource allocation on-premise.

4. No Hassle Backups

No one is capable of predicting when catastrophes will occur; however, with a cloud environment for your business you can be assured that your backups are automated and always ready at a moment's notice. This will not only allow for a quick recovery for your business but enables you to determine the point at which it occurred so that it can be avoided in the future. No customer wants to wait on their services, so ensuring you have a worst-case scenario planned for ensures that your business keeps its customers served.

5. Collaboration and Flexibility

With cloud services the countless in-house teams who make up your company will no longer have to meet in a specific location to deploy, update, or augment any of the various machines being utilized for all of your data needs and services. This enhances the flexibility for companies to operate at full efficiency in a remote manner, helping to cut back on costs in on-site workplace upkeep as well as planning for the uncontrollable circumstances that arise in the modern world. This allows for employees to be as collaborative and productive at home or elsewhere as they would be in the office.

6. Free Up Capital

When it comes to planning for your bottom line, being able to reduce upfront costs and free up capital is something every business must consider. If you are able to find the right partner for your cloud migration, they’ll be able to assess what your data usage and costs will look like through upfront forecasting. This allows for funds to be available immediately, as well as minimized monthly payments, so that your business can use the cloud services to grow its capabilities instead of allocating those funds for on-site server and data center maintenance.